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There are many resources available for educators, volunteers and children who would like more information on any particular presentation topic.

Your local library and of course the school library is a valuable resource for beautiful art books for adults and children. Scene from The Bedroom by Van Gogh Many volunteers have found books with beautiful full color photos of prints they are discussing, or prints that can be compared to prints in the curriculum. The books about art and artists targeting children are very informative, and often provides the perfect level of difficulty, or rather simplicity,  when it comes to detailed information about a period, an art movement or an artist.

Mike Venezia's Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists

The 'Getting to know the World's Greatest Artists' series of books and DVDs, deserves special mention as the series is so appropriate for elementary school aged children, often providing all the information you need about a particular artist. These books and DVDs are available for checkout at the local library.

A trip to the library can be an experience in Art Appreciation, as most public libraries have a very good collection of art, often showcasing artwork by students from the local area. These collections are often in rotation, allowing for a brand new experience every couple of visits!

Here are some of our favorite links for online resources.

Please email us if you find a good reliable source of information not mentioned in the list, and we can see if it can be added as a trusted resource on our site.

The Art Institute of Chicago®Flowers Painting offers online visitors a wonderful experience with complete references to all their works, as well as lesson plans in the Teachers Resources area of the website.

The Brooklyn Museum offers many interesting programs, detailed art descriptions and lesson ideas.

Scene from The Bedroom by Van Gogh is a website with high quality art projects for elementary school kids. Templates are available for purchase.

Princeton Online offers a variety of elementary art lesson plans. Browse their vast selection and adapt lessons to complement your own ideas.

The Geocities Artkids link provides various craft ideas that can be adapted for some of the recommended lessons.